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Technical assistance contract

Sun biotan cares about the success of its customers. We feel it is our duty, for the client to believe in our work and to be part of our history, to always try to offer the best service and help them to achieve their goals.

That's why we propose a technical assistance contract with attractive advantages to ensure your business

An intelligent person solves a problem, a wise person prevents it.

– Albert Einstein


In the event of an airbrush malfunction, you have the right to exchange one completely free of charge, per year.​

In case of anomaly, it has the right to check all components, namely airbrush, pipettes, hoses, ensuring that it can offer its customers the best possible service.


In the event that your device needs repair at our facilities and to avoid having to unselect your customers while waiting for the repair, offer to replace it with a temporary one.

The transport of components for repair and repair of the Sun Biotan® kit is included in the contract.


Protecting your assets and facilities means protecting your source of income and thus ensuring the continuity of your business.

Offer in the 1st year of insurance on the contents of the establishment up to €10,000.
Portinsurance – Zurich

all this for
10 / Month / a month

Price plus VAT


The Sun Biotan® Team

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