Because even a light tan is pleasant and gives everyone a healthy and vital look!

The best part of summer, besides the good clear weather, is our beautiful and enviable tan. Let's discover the natural Sun Biotan® tan!

We have a constant struggle this season to get a good natural tan, and we use all kinds of products to keep our skin as bright as possible and stay healthy and hydrated.

When there is no sun to leave our body with a summer tan, we use exchanges for a healthy-looking setting with a beautiful color. The easiest way to always be tanned are self-tanners, however the application is not easy and requires a whole art to try to apply the product evenly, who has never used it and was full of stains?

We think it's amazing who knows how to apply it impeccably, but we admit that it's not easy and we don't always get a tanned look, most of the time we get orange. Not all of these products that are on sale are good, and you have to be careful what you buy and apply, because a completely different color may come out from what is on the label. The only defect that can be pointed out with these products is that they are difficult to apply and the color is not the most pleasant at times, because it all depends on the product and the technology used to stimulate melanin.

Another way to get a tan, and which, as you know, we do not recommend for reasons of health and physical well-being, are tanning beds. It's not comfortable to spend half an hour in a cabin. And when we go out we don't always have the tan we expect.

The easiest way to obtain this very precious asset and without suffering from applications or horrible waits inside cabins with blue lights, is our product. It doesn't take long to apply and still leaves our body with an enviable glow and vitality. We get a uniform, natural and blemish-free bronze. And the best part is that it lasts a long time and our skin thanks it, because it looks healthy and hydrated.

Look for a Sun Biotan professional near you and you know, have summer on your skin, all year round.

Posted on Jun 4, 2021

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