How does Sun Biotan® work?

See our video on how Sun Biotan® works. Thanks to this video, you will be able to understand in just a few minutes how our tan is unique, easy to apply, effective and 100% natural.

Sun Biotan® FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Who can buy Sun Biotan®?

Sun Biotan® is a product that can be purchased by anyone. It is ideal for wellness centers, beauticians, hairdressers, barbers, gyms and beauty centers ... but it can also be purchased by individuals who like to always feel tanned: in summer and in winter!

What do I need to buy to get started?

To start, we recommend that you purchase the Sun Biotan® Kit! The Sun Biotan® Kit consists of the Sun BioTan® Diffuser, 2 Microbrush Airbrushes, 2 Liters of Treatment included with a value of € 320, 1 Cleaning Kit, 3 pipettes for using the product in airbrushes, 1 Advertising Poster and Brochures for present the new tanning product to your customers, 50 personalized invitation cards for your customers, 30 personalized € 25 loyalty cards for your customers, 30 personalized € 50 loyalty cards for your customers, 30 personalized loyalty cards from € 120 for your customers, your center will be included in our international ads on Facebook and Instagram, a 90-minute training and usage guide. With this Kit and the two liters of treatment already included, the cost of the equipment will have already been amortized. Click here to buy now.

Where can I buy Sun Biotan®?

Nothing easier! You can conveniently purchase the Sun Biotan® Kit and all replacement parts from this website! Our staff, after receiving your order, will make the shipment within a few days. Click here to see the available products!

If I have problems with Sun Biotan®, who should I contact?

The entire Sun Biotan® team is very concerned with your satisfaction! We are confident in the quality and performance of our products, so we offer an immediate two-year international warranty on our products. If you have any problem, wherever you are, contact us through our channels and in a short time our technicians will solve any problem, replacing your diffuser. Click here to contact our support service!

How can I learn to use Sun Biotan® perfectly?

Along with the purchase of the Sun Biotan® Kit you will receive a complete guide and 90 minutes training that will help you understand how to get the most out of our products. But not only… we periodically send updates, video courses and tips to our customers to get the most out of Sun Biotan® products.

Does Sun Biotan® have any contraindications?

Absolutely not! All Sun Biotan® products are 100% natural and have no contraindications. They can be used by anyone without distinction. They can be used by people with sensitive skin and even by pregnant women. If you want to know more, we’re happy to answer all your questions, click here to contact us!

24/7 Dedicated assistance

Our goal is not just to “sell you equipment”. Our goal is for you to sell your customers our natural and efficient tanning solution. For this reason, we will always be at your disposal to provide training and assistance.

Video courses included

We periodically offer our customers video courses, refresher courses and useful material to keep up to date with the latest news from Sun Biotan® and to make the most of this natural tanning product, increasing your earnings.


The Sun Biotan® Team

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