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Cream perfume in six irresistible scents to prolong your tan

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Skin cream perfume

By forming a protective film on the epidermis, it improves the skin's elasticity, cohesion, increases the epidermis structuring proteins and induces the formation of collagen. With aloe vera, vegetable protein and sunscreens, it takes care of the skin, leaving it smooth, hydrated, protected and perfumed throughout the day!

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The joy of living in the Mediterranean style.

A colorful , fresh , floral and fruity fragrance that reflects the sensuality of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Sicilian cedar combines the freshness of green apples with the seduction and floral spontaneity of the countryside, in which the last note captures the essence of a sunny summer in southern Italy. Strong and decisive, the freshness of the bamboo is softened by a bouquet of jasmine and white rose flowers.


A strong and incredibly fresh essence.

A fragrance fruity and sexy that envelops you with a veil of refinement and freshness.

Alive and voluptuous, it awakens the senses with fresh and vivid sparks of orange, combined with transparent chords of jasmine and rose that enhance the musky notes, the most sensual and lovely fragrance.

Secret d'amour

An engaging blend of elegance and sweetness.

A fragrance that reveals its unique blend of force and fragility.

A mysterious and engaging journey in a subtle balance of violet and the queen of roses, the Rose of Bulgaria, enhanced by vanilla and white musks. Farnesian Acacia and Hawthorn add delicacy, sensuality Violet of Parma and Bourbon Vanilla and White Musks enhance their sweetness.


A creamy and irresistible chord that involves all the senses.

A fragrance exotic, sexy, intoxicating and authentically provocative.

A fragrance with the characteristic aroma of pomegranate, which gradually mixes with the floral heart of the mythical scent of the orchid and the morning freshness of the lotus flowers. At the base, a persistent trail of liquid amber and accents of woody mahogany, combined with the sensuality of musky notes.

Intense Passion

A luxurious, subtle and seductive essence.

A fragrance sparkling and exquisite that combines seduction with original style.

Intriguing and inviting it starts with an energetic and refreshing touch of the pear that complements the rose scent covered with morning dew. The chartered and musky base note complements the lively tone of the pear and interacts with the rose accord.


An explosion of feelings of joy and happiness.

A fragrance happy that highlights the freedom and the happiness, providing a pleasant and profound emotion.

Radiant and cheerful, its succulent essences of blackcurrant and sweet pear are mixed with an aromatic composition of notes of iris, jasmine and orange blossom enriched by the fruity notes of the exceptional tonka bean and vanilla.

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