Are solariums harmful to our skin?

Anything that mimics radiation is harmful to our skin and body. Solariums use a device that emits UV rays. These rays are responsible for the production of tan on the skin. The emitted UV light produces UVA and UVB rays.

The problem is that both types of UV rays can have potentially dangerous effects on the skin, especially UVA, and these, are the ones most produced by solariums, and can cause serious damage to your body. As they have a longer wavelength than UVB, they can penetrate deeper into your skin. These rays, UVA, cause premature aging of the skin and the appearance of blemishes. There is still a risk of developing skin cancer.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recognized the solarium as a complete carcinogen eight years ago, because it initiates and promotes all skin cancers.

The increased risk of various types of skin cancers associated with solariums, attested by several international studies, estimates that around 2 000 people die a year in Europe due to skin exposure to solariums.

Dermatologist Osvaldo Correia says that “People need to know what they are doing to their skin, because it memorizes the negative effects”, he said, adding that “the solarium is for the skin what tobacco is for the lungs”. He also mentions that “No one says that all people who go to the solarium will get cancer, but they have an increased risk as shown by several studies”.

The deputy director-general of Health, Diogo Cruz said that solariums are regulated in Portuguese and European legislation, but he alludes that he does not know if the inspection is being carried out.

And if you need another reason not to go to the solarium, the UVA rays emitted do not produce vitamin D, so there is no benefit whatsoever to going to a solarium. There is tan effectively, but your skin will not be healthy.

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Posted on Feb 1, 2021

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