Taking care of yourself strengthens self-esteem, helps you feel free and love yourself more, especially in times of covid!

Not everyone has a warrior self-esteem, capable of ignoring everything that society imposes on us, and whoever has that self-esteem is in fact an extraordinary being. That is why we affirm that it does not have to be the idealization that society wants for you, just to feel fit in the community.

Nobody is perfect, and it is important to realize that the stereotype of perfection, instilled in society, is very outdated. All tandm a beauty and a difference that distinguishes us, and it is perfect.

We know that, at this stage, it is increasingly difficult to feel with untouchable self-esteem. Because for those who have to be isolated with children, in telework or even in online classes, it is not at all easy. Being trapped in 4 walls as if we were prisoners of COVID tyrants the will to be dynamic and take care of ourselves.

The advice we give you is to take an hour a day just for you. Make up to stay at home, dress well to stay at home ... in the end take care even if you stay at home. Do not get into the routine of "I will not go out, I can wear pajamas" because it will not help your self-esteem. It seems futile to think it won't help, but believe me it helps. If you feel beautiful, you will be more productive and dynamic, and you will pass on a message to others that you are well, and still risk being praised by those who live with you. Here's the tip.

Times are different, but we have to adapt. If you can't do what you usually do outside the home, try to reinvent yourself and do it inside. Be your own hairdressers and take care of your own skin. Be your own Personal Trainer. Keep busy with things that really give you pleasure and are beautiful.

Your metal health is very important, because, especially women (without discriminating against men) always seem indestructible and the strongest, because they always take care of everything that concerns home and children, with great indescribable ease. But we know that they are not always well, and you have to appreciate yourself to the fullest, because they are unbelievable.

We have an online store thinking about you and your needs to look beautiful in a pandemic time. Buy products to take care of you without leaving home and buy time to feel good, to feel beautiful.

Posted on Feb 1, 2021

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