New Sun Biotan®: six creams that will hydrate and scent your day!

It is known that poorly hydrated skin offers less protection against external agents, loses its color, becomes dry and opaque, so that wrinkles form much more easily.

There's nothing better than starting the day with a fantastic product from Sun Biotan, we have the ideal cream for your skin and with the scent that you like the most, they are:

Sun Biotan® Méditerranéen

This cream brings the fruity aroma of apple and Sicilian cedar, bringing more joy and freshness to your day with a touch of sensuality. Start your day more joyful and vibrant.

Sun Biotan® Mlles

This cream has a fresh fragrance with a fantastic touch of oranges, jasmine and roses that highlight your day even more. Start your day strong and fresh.

Sun Biotan® Secret d'amour

A cream with a fragrance of elegance with a subtle balance of violet and the queen of roses, the Bulgarian Rose, enhanced by vanilla and white musks. Start the day with all elegance.

Sun Biotan® Harmonie

A cream that is creamy and irresistible with its exotic fragrance with aromas of pomegranate that gradually blends with the floral heart of the mythical scent of the orchid and the morning freshness of the lotus flowers. Start your irresistible day.

Sun Biotan® Intense passion

A cream with a subtle and seductive aroma, with an intriguing and refreshing scent of pear that complements the scent of dew-covered rose in the morning. Start the day luxurious.

Sun Biotan® Joie

A cream with an aroma of explosion of feelings mixed with an aromatic composition of notes of iris, jasmine and orange blossom enriched by the fruity notes of the exceptional tonka bean and vanilla. Start your day more cheerfully and energetically.

Choose yours now and start your day with your skin even more beautiful and radiant! We at Sun Biotam are always innovating to make your day even happier and more beautiful.


Posted on Nov 6, 2020

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